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25-Jun-2018 10:08

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For two people that had only known each other a couple months, Dove and I got along great.

Right from the first time we met, when we were basically auditioning each other as song writing partners, we hit it off.

“I guess I’ll call Uber then,” Dove sighed, flipping through her phone.

“Come on, I’ll give you a ride,” I said, grabbing her shoulders and turning her towards the door. “Well, you can wait around here for ten minutes until a car picks you up, or we can leave now,” I pointed out, pushing her out the door. ” Ryan called out, using her real name as he saw Dove getting out of the car. “My car wouldn’t start, he gave me a ride,” Dove said as I took my cue and left.

But Dove and I felt like old friends by the time we’d finished that first lunch.

When I’d told her I’d recently broken up with girlfriend, she’d even suggested a couple possible blind dates that I passed on. “Okay, I left a key on the table,” Dove announced as she came back into the room wearing a cute little floral print skirt and a white blouse, hair up in a ponytail.

And while I’m not exactly a pip squeak, he beat the shit out of me.

“I won’t be long,” I said, waving without looking away from my work.Not the woman herself, because she was actually really easy.Less than an hour after meeting her, we were in her room with her feet pointed at the ceiling and my balls bouncing off her butt cheeks with each thrust.“Go ahead and start getting ready while I finish up this little bit,” I said.

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“Just kick me out when you’re ready.” “I could give you a key and tell you to lock up after yourself, just don’t let Ryan find you here if we come back here after dinner,” Dove said, laughing as she headed up the stairs to get ready.

As Dove hummed what was in her head, I translated onto the piano.

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