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As a general observation, the Gnyozdovo tumuli have parallels with the "druzhina kurgans" of Chernigov, such as the Black Grave.) and a Byzantine dish bearing an image of Simargl have shown that the local community carried on a prosperous trade along the Dnieper.The metal objects represented include hauberks (not typical for Scandinavian sites), helmets, battle-axes, Carolingian swords, and arrows.After a ritual ship burial of their dead tribesmen, Rus left an inscription on the tomb: Then they constructed in the place where had been the ship which they had drawn up out of the river something like a small round hill, in the middle of which they erected a great post of birch wood, on which they wrote the name of the man and the name of the Rus king and they departed. In the "Life of Saint Cyril-Constantine the Philosopher", Rastislav, the duke of Moravia sent an embassy to Constantinople asking Emperor Michael III to send learned men to the Slavs of Great Moravia, who being already baptised, wished to have the liturgy in their own language, and not Latin and Greek.Emperor called for Constantine and asked him if he would do this task, even though being in poor health.Maybe your first question will be “Why Ukrainian and Russian brides would search for husband abroad? ” Well, the answer related to social survey which shows that 10 percent Ukrainian and Russian man are unemployed and about 25 percent have a drink day by day!As faster as you will become our client, the faster you will have access to largest bride’s database on the internet.Before, the Slavs did not have their own books, but read and divined by means of strokes and incisions, being pagan.

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Either this writing had died out or it wasn't a real form of writing, but rather just "tallies and sketches" as mentioned in Chernorizets Hrabar's An Account Of Letters, using which books could not be written.

Pre-Christian Slavic writing is a hypothesized writing system that may have been used by the Slavs prior to Christianization and the introduction of the Glagolitic and Cyrillic alphabets.

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