I am a scorpio woman dating a scorpio man who is christian louboutin dating

06-Feb-2018 09:33

Scorpio and Leo are extremely passionate, sensual, and devoted individuals.

Leo is a Fire sign, and when combined with Scorpio’s intense and emotional Waters, this duo often finds themselves the center of attention, leading the pack with their confidence and power.

They share a telepathic bond, and when one of either of them are not feeling well, the other immediately senses those frustrated feelings and will do anything to make them go away.

Scorpio is an all-or-nothing sign, so when these two love, they love with all of their hearts. This is why it is incredibly important for them both to beware during their arguments.

Scorpio is a Fixed Water sign, and when two Scorpios enter a relationship, it is either heaven or hell, no in-between.

These two were drawn together because of their undeniable magnetism.

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In order to maintain harmony in their relationship with Scorpio, Leo must practice empathy and be less judgmental of Scorpio’s complex or changing moods.There is an electric current which seems to link two Scorpios together, and the passion they both have is undeniable.