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have I felt the need to use cheat codes and other tricks to actually complete the missions.I am handicapped at various levels and have been depending on these codes for a while, but that leaves me feeling a bit void when I do play the game, which is why I'm asking: How can I complete GTA: San Andreas, Yes it's possible.As your weapon skill goes up, your accuracy goes up and you can auto-target headshots from further away.Reaching 'Gangster' and then 'Hitman' level will also unlock specific perks for that weapon, such as dual-wielding, the ability to aim and fire whilst moving, and increased firing & reload speeds.This cheat will make any vehicle you enter act like a tank in the sense that you can smash into anything you want and it will blow up instantly, while you are un-damaged.Design, layout and all images are Copyright of Vendetta, Psy and GTA-San Just make sure you leave 'gift' slot (flowers/dildo/cane etc) equipped.

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Note: Cheat can be turned off by re-entering the button combination.

If it's a driving date: Denise Robinson likes her neighborhood (even when you're at the point where it's run by Ballas) so what I do is drive until I reach the Ganton Gym, turn right, drive down Grove St until I'm at The Johnson House, then I turn into the alley and just keep driving in circles until the fun bar is full.

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