Github pages not updating

24-Apr-2018 02:47

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If you wait a few minutes, then click it, you should have access to the same site.

Along with hosting content with extensions (i.e Project, you can host on the base URL ( ).

After this has been run once, any time you are in this branch, you can just use After you've created your repo, go to the repo page on navigate to the "settings" section for that repo, scroll down to the Git Hub pages section, select your most up to date branch (master, ideally - but if you have a separate branch you'd like to push to, use that).

You should then have a URL in the settings section next time you visit.

Every time a new release of Nue becomes available, it is placed in my Azure Storage blob, where it can then be re-used in other jobs.

You can either link to an existing script, or simply copy-paste the following content inline: $url = "" $output = ($Env: BUILD_REPOSITORY_LOCALPATH "\") $start_time = Get-Date New-Item nue-out -type directory New-Item nue-bin -type directory New-Item mdoc-fw-output -Type Directory New-Item mdoc-export -Type Directory # Download NUE content Invoke-Web Request -Uri $url -Out File $output Write-Output "Time taken: $((Get-Date). Seconds) second(s)" There are some secondary tasks within this script, that help create container folders, that we will use for a bunch of other things described below.

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NET: The next step would be setting up the Git Hub repository.

You can just follow the steps outlined in the official Git Hub guide on the topic, as there is a number of special steps you need to do before you can publish to your site.