Gaurav khanna and yami gautam dating

30-Jun-2017 14:03

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We chat up with a few who are shaping up lives of children rather than finding satisfaction behind balance sheets and account statements.

When was the last time you gave your child the freedom to do what he wanted to do?

When I had plans for myself I also had to bring myself to say no to certain projects.

It is important to filter the work you are getting. All I can say without sounding pompous is that I worked really hard.

I had my share of struggle, but I was not desperately hungry to eat everything.

I kept working, doing roles that got me noticeability.

It might not sound as a serious success funda; so be it!One fine day they gathered their guts, scribbled the name of a few known people, packed their bags and off they went to the city that welcomes all kinds of dreamers - Mumbai.All alone and non-entities, these people held on to their dreams till they were noticed at the right time.I aspired to act in films, but I was never desperate to do so. I had planned something and I was persistently working on it.

I never gave up on myself or on my capability to deliver good work.Punjabi films is an excellent medium of doing so, the way it's reach is growing it should be giving competition to Bollywood very soon," adds Vishal, who will work in another Punjabi film pretty soon.

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