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Their father has been informed of the situation and has taken me to court to obtain and Order to stop me bringing the children in to contact with my partner.He has also applied for residency which is currently ongoing while Children's Services do more assessments.What I've learned in my years of membership on this site - 1.99% of the females here are fake or stuck up their own ass 2. Good old Babble about as unstable as some some of it's members both present and past I've never been really good at describing myself in these prof...*Don't friend me unless we've already talked! Everything below is still true, although lately I'm more focused on getting frisky in public. I am a bit shy hence the site, but once you get to know me you will find I can be hilariously funny and a great person to be around.Love it as a fantasy, and it's something I've done a ton in real life too! I am currently looking for a NSA friends with benefits, but if something m...

I'm more interested in fun with the ladies at the moment after having recently having had my first experience with another woman.The children's father lives in the spare room of a man who smokes drugs.His behaviour is erratic and he has made threats towards the children in earshot of Children's Services.He hasn't ever paid me a penny in maintenance and he doesn't see the children very often. He claims he can't cope with all three children at the same time. I now have a few questions:1) Does the children's father stand a good chance of getting residency of the children if I choose to remain in a long distance relationship with a sex offender who has only been to my town five times in 18 months and has an Order from the court to prevent me bringing him into contact with the children?

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2) If the children's father does get residency is that final? Can I still have the children to stay at my house and how often?In November my partner attended a social event where my children were also present.