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(O'course, Uri Geller is something of an anti-christ to CSICOP :-) Still in all, worth a read. A very good place to start reading on the phenomenon. 242 p., ISBN 0-7126-2194-6 [KR: A reliable introduction to the wilder tales circulating in the UFO subculture in the 70s, 80s, and 90s. AUTHOR: Gorliss, William (ed.) TITLE: Sourcebook Project PO Box 107 Glen Arm, Maryland, 21057, USA AUTHOR: Grim, Patrick ed. [KR: An important study of early military UFO sightings.] AUTHOR: Haines, Richard TITLE: Melbourne Episode: Case Study of a Missing Pilot PUBLISHER: Los Altos, CA: L. From a UFO standpoint, pickings are pretty lean - they spend more pages on Uri Geller than they do on UFO's. G66x [KR: The most important book about the on-going government cover-up.] [ Lots of very good information. [Recommended] TITLE: Alien Liaison: The Ultimate Secret London : Century, 1991. TITLE: The UFO handbook : a guide to investigating, evaluating, and reporting EDITION 1st ed. PUBLISHER Cambridge, Harvard University Press, 1953. Release all staples [there are a couple of staples that appear to "hold the figure down" on the plastic], 4. The "Alien Invasion Survival Card" -- "In Case of Abduction: 1. " It's a little off balance, it's a lot of amusing, and it's a stiff pricetag - who could ask for anything more? They're ok, but the accessories are a scream - the plastic-coated "Instant Stick Figure", with handy neck-chain, and instructions for use: "1 . Hold stick figure in water for 30 seconds (do not allow stick person to get wet), 3. All right one more: A bumper sticker (for your car), with a "grey alien" head, and the slogan "EVERY PICTURE TELLS A LIE! When giving book information, please be as complete as possible, including ISBN number, publisher name, city, etc. TITLE: Extraterrestrials Among Us PUBLISHER Llewellyn Publications, St. This bibliography is excerpted from one done for the now-inactive Internet mailing list "UFO-L" by myself, Keith Rowell, Biran Patterson, Timothy Buck, Garry Trujillo and 'CCB104 'at Penn State.

Additionally, the following people have added to the bibliographic list: Chris Beetle ([email protected]) and Murray Bott ([email protected]). If you have contributions to this list (new books, or reviews), please mail them to [email protected] Va: Gray Barker, 1969 [A contactee book in the classic vein; very human aliens are here to save us from ourselves. J26 1975 [KR: A historian's review of ufology up to the date of publication.] AUTHOR: Jacobs, David Michael, 1942- TITLE: Secret Life: Firsthand Accounts of UFO Abductions New York: Simon and Schuster, 1992 336p. UFO cases covered include the 1990-91 Avebury Lights, the 1990 Montreal sightings, the 1965 Kecksburg Pennsylvania crash, a 1991 Russian sighting, the 1991 Mexico City sightings, a 1973 UFO in Ohio, the 1948 Mantell case, a 1976 incident in Iran, and a couple of abduction cases. Some cases are shown to be non-real, some to be perhaps-real, and some that may need re-examination. Randle has done an excellent job of research, looking into Blue Book files, newpaper records, interviewing witnesses, and analyzing cases. and Whetnall, Paul TITLE: Alien Contact PUBLISHER Spearman, 1982 AUTHOR: Randles, Jenny TITLE: From Out of the Blue: The Incredible UFO Cover-up at Bentwaters NATO Air base PUBLISHER New Brunswick, NJ: Global Communication, 1991 192pp ISBN 0-938294-08-3 [KR: Randles treats us to the latest, updated information on the Bentwaters RAFB, Great Britain, landing of December 1980.] AUTHOR: Randles, Jenny TITLE: UFOs & How to See Them PUBLISHER Sterling Publishing, New York, 1992 144pp ISBN 0-8069-0297-3 [Good survey of UFO history; lots of photos, shows how to spot hoaxes, crop circles, ufo "hot spots" around the globe. TITLE: Flying Saucers Close Up PUBLISHER Clarksburg, W. In addition to UFO things, there are also "Hauntings" and "Unexplained" categories. TITLE: The UFO Casebook PUBLISHER New York: Warner Books, 1989. ISBN 0-446-35715-4 [Chock-full of information about famous UFO cases from 1947 to 1989. and Warrington, Peter TITLE: UFOs: A British Viewpoint AUTHOR: Randles, J. Summer is here and, with this heat wave in full swing, new couples are forming everywhere!

First there's Hilary Duff and Frankie Delgado above.....what about Haylie Duff and Brody Jenner?! Publication information is either from the book itself or from one of several on-line card catalogs.