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Apps can be even harder to track with the use of camouflage apps and “lockers” such as Calculator% that hide explicit pictures from parents.This app looks and functions like a calculator app, but when a code is punched into the number pad, the pictures and apps hidden behind the calculator are unlocked.Another facet of messaging apps are the temporary messengers that delete messages after they are viewed.

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It allows posters up to submit up to 200 characters which can be view by their closest 500 “Yakkers,” determined by GPS tracking.Bailey said Child Protect has also looked into the app's sometimes dangerous use."We looked at it at Child Protect, and when you pull it up on your phone, it looks like any other game you’d want to get for your kids.A stranger is selected at random to talk to and most are geared toward those looking for explicit conversations or video chats.

Other platforms such as Omegle and Chat Roulette provide similar services, and while many are rated 17 and older, there is nothing in place to stop children from downloading them.

It’s gaining the reputation of an app that allows you to anonymously post sexually explicit and abusive language.