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31-Oct-2017 00:37

How much public money will be placed on the line for the 2018 Super Bowl?

What long-term changes to the metro area will result?

To help bring clarity to this matter, my organization (Public Record Media) has submitted data requests [PDF] to both the Stadium Authority and several municipalities to seek details about public funds pledged to the 2018 Super Bowl endeavor.

The Super Bowl is distinct from other large-scale public events in that it is classified by the Department of Homeland Security as a "National Security Special Event," or NSSE.

Recently, Doug Belden of the Pioneer Press asked pertinent questions about public assets pledged to the Super Bowl effort.

To date, officials of the Minnesota Sports Facilities Authority have categorized bid data as "nonpublic" until after the 2018 Super Bowl event has ended.

These are issues that need to be carefully examined — particularly now, in the aftermath of the winning bid.Doubtlessly, the scale and profile of such events entails real security risks that require additional security assets and intra-agency assistance.