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28-Oct-2017 21:11

How can we prevent a user from changing a certain column for an item in a list event?From the list table, you can see if we hook into the Item Updating event, we can compare the current item’s value (properties. Writing that makes your world pink and sparkly again.But this is the barren end empty world of the remote event receiver and no such this is available.Event Handlers in MOSS have come a long way since their inception in Share Point 2003.In MOSS, event handlers expose a pair of properties which can be used for easing quite complex functionality.You can use the After Properties to get values which are set after the evnt executes and Before Properties to get the values before the event executes.And I also know that the web is full of articles which talk about bugs related to these pairs. I had a requirement where we wanted to set default values of custom columns of a list.

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If they are different, you should go ahead with your update, otherwise not.

Yes, I am talking about the pair – After Properties and Before Properties.