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the track's most dangerous corner, number 13, was nicknamed 50/50, after causing more than a dozen crashes over just the past few days. issued a fatwa against the body scanners forbidding muslims from going through these types of scanners at airports. nodar kumaritashvili, a luger from the ex-soviet republic of georgia launched off the track at whistler olympic park at 90 miles an hour when he collided with a metal pole, think of it like a motorcycle accident on ice. the privacy versus security debate reignited this afternoon as muslim scholars in the u.do you have any sense of how much discretion the operators have to control the speed on that track? request a prospectus or summary prospectus with investment objectives, risks, fees, expenses, and other information to read and consider carefully before investing. these are the stories that we don't want you to see fall through the cracks. let's walk over here and see exactly what the screen is seeing on his or her screen. let's go ahead and continue scanning around the side. and according to the fiqh council of north america, it by definition violates islamic rules on modesty. whether i'm a muslim or christian or jew or atheist, i believe by using these machines, they are infringing on people's dignity and privacy. first, as i think tom costello's report makes clear, the images that are seen by the tsa personnel are neither immodest nor certainly sexy. right now i would argue, though, we do not have an effective airport security system, because we are only looking for weapons.

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we're taking a look at congress' worst offenders in the era of special interests. broadening your dating pool to roughly 40 million people. why he thinks those high-tech devices violate islamic law. the difference between 80 and 85 miles an hour and 90 and 95 miles an hour is critical.

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it is, without a doubt, talk to her, talk to any luger, the fastest course in the world. erin told me, again, she was just on this track yesterday, and was here checking out the track today, 14 and 15 is where you really build the maximum speed. nbc's tom costello recently broke down exactly how these newest machines work. this behind me is the latest generation, the next generation of radio wave, millimeter wave technology, and the tsa is testing is right now.

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and another female competitor air lifted out from the same track yesterday. chris, this track advertises the fastest in the world. reporter: well, that's the question a lot of olympic athletes are asking now. i just got off the phone with the reigning women's world champion in the luge from upstate new york. although erin told me she didn't find it to be extraordinarily fast. the result is something that looks a bit like a chalk outline. there's something else called millimeter wave technology which bounces radio waves off of individuals, goes through their clothing, those images are very detailed.

yesterday the italian champion had a crash on that course. and by the fact that over the last couple of days of training, there have been at least a dozen crashes. for more complete relief from the sinus triple threat. one's called the backscatter technology, uses small amounts of radiation to detect objects on the body under clothing.

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