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They were drunk, or whatever, and their eyes were popping out of their heads.While there, Dot and Paul lived together in a cabin on a houseboat. I thought he might come back because it had been three years, but I suppose really I knew.My girlfriend was called Dot and, of course, John had Cynthia. I always used to see this guy on the way to school, standing at the bus stop, and I would spin fantasies about him. I was giving him the eye and stuff and he asked me to dance.We got them both to go blonde and wear mini skirts. I was dancing away with him while Paul was upstairs rehearsing.Paul was always writing songs and he would try them out on me. Paul bought his expectant girlfriend a gold engagement ring and was ready to “do the right thing.” It was just going to be in a register office. [but] by this time they were all drinking heavily and taking pills to keep them awake.When we arrived it was morning and they hadn’t been to bed all night.About these happy days, Dot recalled the two as being “very cuddly, lovely, close.” However, by the summer of 1962, with the Beatles on the brink of national fame, Paul decided to call it quits with Dot. I didn’t keep trying so hard or worrying about trying to keep up, or saying the right things or not having my hair right or not being enough fun…Paul said we’d been going out so long that it was either get married or split up. At this point, Dot no longer had the ability to pay for her flat, which Paul had been helping out with.Despite the actual breakup being abrupt, she saw it coming, I could see that Paul was growing away from me. And all these years he had been having his bits on the side and it was getting so easy for him. He said ‘I don’t want to get married, so even though I love you we’ll have to finish.’ He didn’t cry but I knew he felt badly and he was sorry, just by the way he looked. But she soon was able to move into a flat near Cynthia, who had recently found out she was pregnant. Perhaps it was also in her mind that she’d then get a chance to see Paul.

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He came up to us with my coat in his hand, while we were still on the floor and just said ‘We’re going’ just like that.(It wasn’t until the next year that the Quarreymen would change their name to the Beatles).

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