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English and Mathematics Requirement It is strongly recommended that all students complete both mathematics and an English course within their first 12 credit hours.

To ensure maximum success, mathematics and English courses should be taken during consecutive terms until the sequence is completed.

The Quick Books® software is not provided to the student.

Additional lab time may be needed to complete assignments.

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It includes the essay To Form a More Perfect Union, which provides background information on the weaknesses in the Articles of Confederation and the call for a new Constitution.Programming Electives ACC101 Accounting I introduces the concepts and practices used in financial accounting.Topics studied include the use of journals and ledgers as well as the preparation of financial statements.This publication also includes a few notes on the plan of Confederation written by Bartlett.

Elliot's Debates provides a summary of the ratification process for the Articles of Confederation, a transcript of Thomas Jefferson's notes of debate on confederation, and another copy of the Articles.

Procedures for converting a manual accounting system to a computerized system are covered.