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And so I used this peculiar excursion into the worlds of extremists as the starting point to write The Rage: The Vicious Cirlce of Islamist and Far-Right Extremism.The goal of The Rage was to understand how these caring, welcoming EDL protestors and Hizb ut-Tahrir members could possibly want such a sinister future.Meanwhile, Islamist extremists argued that the “global persecution of Muslims” could only be solved by creating a religiously homogeneous society in the form of a caliphate.Two supposedly monolithic blocs – Islam and the West – would have to be eyeball to eyeball in a final battle sooner or later.The EDL marchers I spoke to all had very human concerns.Sarah, a woman in her early thirties told me she had joined the EDL because she didn’t want her six-month-old daughter “to grow up with Islamic rape and terrorism”.Yet, their suggested solutions could hardly be more inhuman: “we need to deport all Muslim parasites”, her boyfriend Paul concluded.

This year’s Guy Fawkes Day brought back vivid memories: a year ago, my day started with a discussion of “the need to deport all Muslims from Britain” over a cider, and ended with a conversation about “the necessity to establish a caliphate in the UK”.

The first step to diving into the worlds of extremists is to learn their language and cultural references.

Social media algorithms have made it terribly easy to make ourselves comfortable in our sheltered echo chambers of like-minded individuals, to see only what we agree with and to hear only what we want to hear.

“Every day when my children take the tube I am afraid they might become victims of a hate crime”, Sana, a young woman in a colourful hijab told me.

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“This is what Muslims are facing everywhere in the world today, only by establishing a global caliphate and universally adopting sharia we can end our suffering.” The tales and arguments I found among far-right and Islamist extremists were strikingly similar; so similar that their apocalyptic predictions and utopian visions ended up being more complementary than contradictory.

Gersh, a real-estate agent who lives in Whitefish, Montana, assumed it was a prank call.