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"to give into one's hand," probably from manus "hand" (see manual) dare "to give" (see date (1)). of mandare "to order, commit to one's charge," lit.Its publication changed the prevalent views in the United States, where child abuse was previously seen as uncommon, and not a regular issue.In 1974, the United States Congress passed the Child Abuse Prevention and Treatment Act (CAPTA), which provides funds to states for development of Child Protective Services (CPS) and hotlines to prevent serious injuries to children.There is practically no limit to this form of mandatory boycott.Again, the referendum may be mandatory or advisory in character.Noun is from Latin mandatum (“a charge, order, command, commission, injunction”), neut of. mandatus, past participle of mandare (“to commit to one's charge, order, command, commission, literally to put into one's hands”), from manus (“hand”) dare (“to put”).

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But among the Hebrews the requirement was mandatory and imperative.

These laws and the media and advocacy coverage and research brought about a gradual change in societal expectations on reporting in the United States and, at different rates, in other western nations.

Originally created to respond to physical abuse, reporting systems in various countries began to expand to address sexual and emotional abuse, neglect, and exposure to domestic abuse.

From 1992 to 2009 in the US, substantiated cases of sexual abuse declined 62%, physical abuse decreased 56% and neglect 10%.

Although the referrals increase each year, about 1% of the child population is affected by any form of substantiated maltreatment.Sentence reform advocates argue that judges should have discretion in determining sentences based upon multiple factors in individual cases.

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