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“I doubt you would want to take that.” He looks her up and down curiously, not liking the fact that she’s almost as tall as him. ” he asks slowly, his forehead itching as his hair falls into his face. The people here like to leave them up until the last possible moment.” She shrugs, looking at the floor. If you want, I think we have fresh gallons in the back? “You were captain of the swim team junior and senior year. It's the kind of glazed over, manufactured smile that Percy sees on Jason's face, during his shifts at the only relatively fancy restaurant in town.

" “Right,” Percy says, still holding the milk in his hand. That'd be nice.” “Yeah, you’re welcome,” she answers. I had to write a few articles about you in the school paper.” The girl blushes after, looking away. "Thanks," Percy says, thinking that he should have used the time that she was away to pull a few strands of her hair from his mouth.

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They’ve either found solace in a quaint shop or hurried themselves home.He hears a kid crying a few aisles down, but it’s not anguished enough to hold his interest as he snatches a bag of Wonderbread and makes a beeline for the dairy section.Percy likes to think it was fate that stocking the shelves silently, hardly blinking as the kid continues to wail a few feet over.That didn’t happen, naturally, since money was a bit tight and once Percy and Jason started drinking, they didn’t tend to stop until they reached the point of passing out.

Instead, Percy had passed Jason a few coffee cups full of cheap red wine that had been a housewarming gift.Very “things are going to be shitty so shut the fuck up and deal with it until it gets better” type things. It occurs to Percy as he’s heading for the bread stand that he hadn’t even checked for his wallet before he left, but thankfully it’s tucked into his back pocket.