Dating your wife during separation

11-Jun-2018 01:37

After 10 years of dating (possibly a world record in Hollywood), Pitt […]Not every marriage ends with an epic fight and an eternal hatred for one another that can never be quenched.

In certain cases, a marriage can just quietly wither until one spouse (usually the woman) simply decides that she would be happier on her own.

Even though we ladies are climbing up the rungs of the corporate ladder, we still earn less than men.However, retirement accounts […]Question: Last year my divorce with my husband became final and he started paying me child support for our two daughters.I’m going back to school, and the child support and alimony make up a lot of the money I get (I also work part-time).Divorce can be emotionally freeing for women, but it can also be financially devastating.

Women, far more than men, face a stark plummet in their standard of living after divorce.

A high-earning spouse isn’t exactly happy to hand over his assets to his soon-to-be ex, especially if they live in a Community Property State that requires couples to equally split their marital estate.