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12-Jun-2018 04:55

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If your name is boring most people automatically assume your group will be too.

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1) Choose a Killer Title For Your Group Name Without a memorable name that is both colorful and sticky your group will fail right from the beginning.

People won’t join if they turn up to your group page and find a cold empty room with no music and no refreshments.

Use Facebook Events and hold a teleseminar to publicize it and/or write Facebook notes and tag all your initial members, get them interacting with each other and keep sending them back to the group page to post on the wall and participate in the discussions.

Get a striking image and then use photo shop to add some text on top of the picture.

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Make sure it can still be read when it is reduced in size.

Hand select the people who you want to be there and send them personal invitations. You need to choose people who are dynamic on Facebook or Twitter, people who are famous, people who have huge followings, people who have large networks and people who are already experts and leaders within your niche.

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