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26-Oct-2017 18:02

You agree to meet a week ahead of time and then they just... The way i see it, i think its better he didnt come.

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I’ve encountered it numerous times, and honestly, I don’t really get it.

In fact he texts me sometimes afterwards to see how things went. I thought it would check out, but when she got to the date 10 minutes early and texted me “I’m here.”, I decided to text the bartender to take a covert picture for me. Unfortunately she was not a moon, she was a space station. It’s easy to dismiss someone who stands up their date, but it happens . We can write these people off as assholes, or we can try to figure out what’s going on. If you know your own limitations, are you doing your date a favor by not making her endure a pointless hour or two? Athletic is pretty subjective especially when talking about women and for all I know she’s waddled a marathon.

Before you judge, honestly tell me what you would have done? People blow off their dates on a daily basis, believe me, I’ve got the emails to prove it. So I asked Max why he did it, and came up with something juicy. The bartender’s already pegged me as a serial dater and is aware of the psych-ops I routinely employ to cultivate first night hook-ups, so to him this incident probably just follows the behavior pattern of a person who’s already earned a corner office in hell.

I figured it would be easier to make up an emergency story afterwards but she must have gotten the hint because she never asked for an explanation.

Turns out my baby was actually taking his first steps in the direction of a frat house where he and his buddies promptly made fun of all the fatties. It costs you nothing to send the next, and very likely could save them from having and all-time shitshow of a day, so just be a pal and help a fellow human out. Yeah, a text may have been a little bit of a tourniquet in this case but by the time I actually had the photo evidence our rendezvous time was minutes away so pretty much anything I would have said seemed in poor taste.

I can’t deny that larger-sized women describing themselves as “Athletic and Toned” is a genuine online dating phenomenon.