Dating services for multiple sclerosis

19-Jul-2017 14:50

Maybe you're taking the relationship very slowly, or you haven't been definitively diagnosed with MS, or you're not quite sure that you really like this person.These are all good reasons to keep things to yourself until the time feels right.Here is the reason for my post today: There is a woman at work who has MS. I get the feeling that she is hesitant to get into a relationship because of her MS. MS is not only a disease which messes with your body, but can totally screw with your mind in the process.It is to the point where she uses crutches in order to walk. It leaves you feeling a shadow of your former self, makes you angry and frustrated, and very often afraid of what the future will bring.There is no "right" time to be upfront about your MS. But on a second or third or fourth date, you'll probably feel more relaxed about the situation and be able to accurately express yourself a little better about tough topics in general; not just your MS.

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However, many people do not feel quite as compelled as I do to disclose the fact that they have MS to everyone whom they encounter, especially in the already strange and fragile world of dating. So, I have a small idea of the disease that she has to live with. It's more about being in a relationship with someone who has MS. MS is a bit of a rollercoaster, there are good periods/bad periods, it is characterised as a progressive disease but what that progression entails is different for every person. I'll make sure I say that again during our next date so she knows that I won't be disappointed. So, I would say acknowledge the disease and be considerate of any special needs but then go on and enjoy yourselves. We discussed her cat for a little while then I asked how she was feeling.

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