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17-Nov-2017 16:49

Peters, a fierce critic of the Russian Federation and Putin, said the U. should not be working with the nation against a common enemy like ISIS.

Peters said with all that we know now and how the Middle East has been affected since that the U. should not have invaded Iraq in 2003 and disposed of Saddam Hussein.

PETERS: You made your career being an American conservative patriot and now you're suddenly cheering for Vladimir Putin? Our interest ought to come first and to the extent that making temporary alliances with other countries serve our interests, I met in favor of that.Russia later fired two of these missiles and longer range SS-26 Iskander missiles into Idlib Province, the same area where in April, the Pentagon says Syrian military forces launched a chemical attack killing dozens of civilians including women and children prompting the American military response.Lucas Tomlinson is the Pentagon and State Department producer for Fox News Channel. Ralph Peters debate America's interests in the world, Russia, Vladimir Putin, Iran, Iraq, Syria, the Middle East and more.

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The discourse got particularly heated when Peters accused Carlson of sounding like Charles Lindbergh saying Hitler hasn't attacked us.Rough transcript of the most heated moment, via FOX NEWS: PETERS: Our president seems determined to do anything he can with the Russians and the Russians hate -- but a report and hates us.

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