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04-Feb-2018 19:58

"Then we both attended a meeting out of town, had a few drinks, and ended up sleeping together.

It was incredibly hot." But for all the excitement, Marie swears she would never have an office affair again.

"That means lunch alone with the boss, after-dinner drinks"--or, really, drinking too much whatever the time--"and even playdates with a coworker and his kids.

In other words, anything that takes the friendship outside the confines of the office."Recently, I ran into the boss with whom I'd had the affair at a party. In the intervening years, he had gotten married, had kids.

"It's very hard to maintain professional boundaries if one person is feeling angry and rejected." The economy's not so great, and it's often difficult to pick up and get a new job if things go south.

So if you do have an affair at the office, know that it's likely to get complicated. It's not always easy, but the simplest solution is to "avoid all situations that lead to an exchange of intimacies," suggests Greer.

As further proof that the highest echelons of business are not that different from your average episode, the board was clued in by the employee's former boyfriend.

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Except about six months later, they split when she ran up 0k on his credit cards and he found himself facing bankruptcy. I've had reason to reflect on this memorable period of my career because we seem to be living through the age of the high-profile office affair.

And even in perfectly consensual, if illicit, relationships, the morale of a company can be profoundly affected by the perception of perks and favoritism.