Customer configuration updating

13-Apr-2018 18:10

Features on the Automatic Updating and Feedback dialog box are configurable by members of the Administrators group on the local computer.

The Microsoft Update Web site runs an automated tool that identifies any software that installed as part of your Windows operating system for which there is a more current version available.

It is a good idea to visit the Microsoft Update Web site on a regular basis to get optional updates, such as recommended software and hardware updates, which can help improve your computer's performance.

For help participating in the Customer Experience Improvement Program, see the topic Customer Experience Improvement Program.

Sometimes there’s only one of those for an order - for example when a driver takes some food from a restaurant, but sometimes there are two - if a driver works with more than one restaurant so they need to know WHICH restaurant is the stop point and then the final customer.

Sometimes there are even more than 2 - for example when a driver takes several dishes at once from a restaurant, or a school bus has many stops along the way. If a phone or an email exist in the system the user would be returned and not created.

For help enabling or disabling Windows Error Reporting, see the topic Windows Error Reporting.

By using the commands in the Update this Server area of the Initial Configuration Tasks window, you can ensure that your server receives critical software updates and enhancements directly from the Microsoft Web site.Create Order (or create Task) is usually the main and most important API call to Bringg.

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