Consolidating itunes libraries different computers

09-Jul-2018 16:24

Most likely though, none of us really want to do that. One of the less obvious benefits of younity is that it solves this problem easily and gracefully.When you install younity on multiple computers, it will scan all the i Tunes accounts on those computers and unify them onto your i Phone/i Pad.We regularly move back and forth between each other’s computers, which often results in one of us buying music with the other person’s account.Obviously, we don’t care about that, but Apple certainly does – .This means you can finally access your i Tunes catalog on Android as well!After younity is done with its desktop scan, information on your media (AKA “metadata”) will start downloading to your phone.younity features a private Snapchat-like functionality, which enables content to be streamed and accessible for a short period of time, before expiring.Step 1: Open the younity app on your Android device.

Not only does younity unify your i Tunes accounts, it also merges the i Tunes Libraries.This creates a real problem when you want to get that music on your i Phone or i Pad, since you obviously can’t sync your mobile device to another computer, let alone another Apple ID or i Tunes account.