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30-Nov-2017 15:59

Catherine died on a Wednesday and his her death was because of a car accident.The now 62-year-old is responsible for thousands of girls around the world showing off their legs in skimpy jean shorts, but despite seemingly putting her denim days behind her, Catherine is still going strong in the acting world.She’s one of the few girls with naturally large breasts and slender body, without having breast implants.

Catherine Bach (born on March 1st, 1954) was an TV-Actress who was best known for playing the role of Daisy Duke in the American TV series "The Dukes of Hazzard".

Catherine has since revealed that police originally thought she was the victim after they realised a gun had gone off at her San Fernando, California home."There was somebody that was stalking me at that point and the police thought that this person had found me and that the gunshot that went off was for me, not for Peter,' she told Entertainment Tonight."So it was completely shocking and nobody understood what had happened, especially not me because we were very happy."She added that there were no signs her husband of 19 years was depressed.

Catherine revealed: "He was very happy with his family and very proud of his girls.

She stole hearts of many fans in 1979 as Daisy Duke in Dukes of Hazzard TV series.

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Bach showed her perfect body measurements while wearing tiny red bikini and other revealing outfits. Her slim waist and long legs are also worth mentioning.

Since playing Daisy, her career seems to have quietened down a little bit, but she's still been hitting TV screens in an array of series, including The Young and the Restless - in which she played Anita Lawson.