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She does not come across as vindictive or embittered in any way, but she is clearly furious, rather than cowed by Not Like That, especially as she was ‘consulted’ by the programme- makers before it was shot.She spoke many times to the writer John Fisher, on whose biography the play is based, and met Redman and Threlfall in a bar near her flat.More than 50 per cent of the population also drinks too much sometimes.I would have seen if he was this violent alcoholic.’Tommy’s death from a heart attack at the age of 63 — while he was performing live on television — inflicted a numbing grief on those he left behind.He’d test them on me as we sat at the dining room table and it was “green” for side-splitting, “amber” for so-so and “red” for rubbish: straight into the bin.I felt very secure, very close to him.’The actor David Threlfall’s performance as Cooper depicts a violent, troubled man plagued by self-doubt and mood swings.

There might be a small gift, bought wherever he was performing that week, but best of all was the big laugh that seemed to rattle his 6ft 4in frame from his head down to his size 13 feet.

Indeed, Mary, played by Helen Mc Crory, appears with a black eye inexpertly hidden behind dark glasses.

‘Having watched it, I feel as if I’ve been assaulted myself,’ says Vicky in her first interview since the programme was aired on Easter Monday.‘It was a character assassination.

Once Mum decided to stay at home to look after Thomas and me, there was simply a gap in Dad’s life on the road.

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He used Mary, I think, for that extra reassurance and attention.’Mary Kay, who was besotted with Cooper, is no longer alive to give her version of events. But in 1986, two years after Cooper died, she wrote a racy, kiss-and-tell book about their affair, which Vicky feels was motivated by anger at being left out of her father’s will.‘Dad was a flawed human being, like the rest of us.

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