Are shego and drakken dating

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Kim then decides how to prevent his actions to take effect.

Poor Drakken, doesn't know how to keep his mouth shut.

Although clearly a genius when it comes to science and schemes, Drakken lacked the smarts to apply them correctly, and usually ended up portrayed as an incompetent loser and comic relief, who is constantly mocked by Shego.

Nonetheless, his determination kept bringing him back with new plans.

A blue-skinned mad-scientist and super-villain obsessed with world domination, Drakken's Kim's most annoying foe.

Drakken has black hair in a mullet hairstyle (often kept in a pony tail) and a scar on his left cheek.

Eventually, Shego became the dominant one, and began threatening him with violence if he stepped over the line with her. Drakken's plans are foiled - going so far as to chide him for his overly complex or unconventional nature, even before they have failed.

On the few occasions that such schemes appear to be working, she has been seen to be pleasantly surprised and appears to be happy for his minor successes.

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Their relationship teeters between a familiar, cooperative interaction and downright annoyance or frustration with each other.

Camille: There are plenty of suspects: One, Star Lette: her last three movies tanked. Honey: things must be bad, I hear she flew commercial.

Remember, you're 12, so maybe "doofy" or "stupido"? [snaps his fingers and Rufus gives Ron the bouquet of flowers Ron bought for Kim] Serious, see no see what I just did there [ presents Kim with the flowers] It's boyfriend stuff. Nanny Maim: Well deary, back in the day I trained the sternest nannies the world has ever seen, but times changed. Ron lands in front of a completely speechless Kim and powers down before hugging her. Doesn't anyone respect the traditional captive-captor relationship anymore?!

Although Drakken claims to be evil most of the time, there had been numerous times when Dr. Some running jokes were that no matter how many times he met Ron Stoppable, he could never remember Ron's name, and he would always be surprised when he met Kim Possible although she always appeared to foil his plans.

Drakken was in college when his skin turned blue after being mocked by his friends at college.

Mutated Ron: [On seeing a giant metal donut] Ahh, donut...