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26-May-2018 06:15

The thought of being ‘paired’ randomly with anyone is horrifying!

I can’t imagine spending the rest of my life with a person I barely know anything about — it’s just absurd!

It’s been about five years [since I visited America], and the racism since then seems to have highly increased.

It’s becoming even scarier to visit there; being that we are Muslim and black, that’s two very critical strikes on me and my family.” — “I wasn’t into abaya much before I joined my masters program, but then I met a teacher who inspired me so much that I started wearing hijab even in front of my cousins.

Sometimes we go to our guy friends’ houses since we can’t invite guys over (otherwise our parents will destroy us), or a place like a private compound where non-Saudi people live, but we can enter as visitors.” — “I always wake up focused on fulfilling the requests of my son and husband.

In Saudi Arabia most things are prohibited, but we have ‘the life underground’ where we can do all the crazy, mostly illegal things without anyone knowing.

When I got to the library, I was surprised to see my big brother screaming at me to go home, so I did. I knew before then that women were treated differently in Saudi Arabia, but not like this.” — “I remember when I was in my last year of high school my friends used to go to coffee shops and the beach with each other, but for me, I couldn’t do that because my dad is afraid.

At the same time I was seeing boys travel with their friends, and it made me feel sad to realize that I couldn’t do the same things men could do.” — “It’s very difficult to date here, and it can be very boring because you aren’t allowed to do most things.

I remember my family used to ask me to remove it at least at home, but I wouldn’t. I have never been stared at when I wear my veil on my face and I regularly go out with friends to malls and stuff and have an absolutely amazing time.” — “One of the problems is that some women here don’t like to identify as feminists.

They don’t care if they just stay home like the furniture.Without the Internet, I would’ve committed suicide.” — “I remember first realizing that men and women in Saudi Arabia couldn’t do the same things when I was in high school and my brother was allowed to go off to the states to study and live alone. My university offers a lot of trips to exciting countries, but the excuse my parents always give is: who are you going to go with?