Antivir version 9 not updating

26-Nov-2017 01:11

At least it's updating occasionally, so as long as it's not getting too out of date I guess that's ok. Only updating within few days is not normal it should update few or several times per day.See if it goes back to normal in few days/weeks or after updating to Creators Update otherwise I would try again to fully remove it including chasing any checkpoint/zonealarm/kaspersky folders on the the PC. Try to set the updating frequency to default (1 hour) and see if you get the same problem. Setting the update frequency back to hourly didn't make any difference.

If anyone from Avira is reading this, I implore you to reconsider your business model and stop (or at least reduce) the annoyance to your users. By default, Anti Vir launches a minimized window during an update, but I prefer to make it completely invisible. Now Anti Vir won’t interrupt fullscreen applications anymore.

Avira Anti Vir is one of my favorite free antivirus programs, and the new Version 9 makes it even better by adding anti-spyware features.

However, two aspects that have NOT changed from previous versions are: The lack of POP3/SMTP support is not a big deal if you tend to stick to webmail, but the popup ad is annoying and intrusive. Let me make one thing clear: I fundamentally disagree with bombarding the user every day with a popup ad about a premium version.

It does work very occasionally (normally after 10pm for some reason), but the vast majority of the time it gets stuck at 25% before reporting "Antivirus/Anti-spyware update; Error". I'm reluctant to go back to the previous version as I don't know when Windows will update to the Creators Update, and I gather this needs 15.1.501.17249.

The subsequent product update seems to complete ok. I've just noticed it's updated once since my last post, but is now back to erroring again.

I'm on Windows 10 Pro 64 bit v1607 "Anniversary Update".