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It's a fabulous original film and a worthwhile redo -- but it comes about 20 years too late.Why waste time remaking a tale about nuclear war with the Soviet Union -- a country that no longer existed -- in this millennium?I won't try to explain the metamorphosis of Ryan because it's never mentioned in the movie (and no, it's not a prequel; the film takes place in the present).Central to the plot is the hunt for an old nuclear bomb lost by the Israelis in 1973 and recovered, sold, and rebuilt by various arms dealers, terrorists, and neo-Nazi groups decades later. S., blame it on the Russians, ignite a massive nuclear response from both sides, and -- in the greatest stretch of imagination ever to strike a Hitler enthusiast -- somehow survive WWIII and seize control of the world in the aftermath.In the hands of Ben Affleck, Ryan is no longer the commanding veteran he once was in films like Patriot Games.Now he's little more than a jerky teenager with a hot girlfriend and a chip on his shoulder.

Director Smith played a key role in an earlier Mowat adaptation, Never Cry Wolf.When Arctic bush pilot Charlie Halliday (Pepper) is given two rare walrus tusks by a group of Inuit, he agrees to fly a mission of mercy, transporting a sick girl (Piugattuk) to a hospital.It’s the early 1950s, and the brash pilot has flown through the Arctic for years without seriously thinking about the people who live there or how they survive.Not much about Romeo is Bleeding sticks with you for long, the exception being Olin's shrieking hit-woman who ends up with one arm... It's a very faithful remake, even though the production values (it's shot on video) are atrocious.

Pulled from Stephen King's acclaimed series of six books by the same name, King returns to the kind of work he was doing in The Shawshank Redemption (based on a short story of his), the kind that seems to perform the best, away from splatter and gore, and into the minds of the strangest of characters. It's not even the best film of 1997 (current titleholder: In the Company of Men). Comparisons to Chinatown are obvious and appropriate. Confidential Review CBS -- of all places -- remade the original, masterful Fail-Safe, a cautionary tale about nuclear war, jammed full of big name movie stars (check out that cast!While it may not be completely fair to compare the two, there's no denying that Report clearly set the standard for films with future-minded worlds.