Alycia lane chris booker still dating

07-Apr-2018 06:17

I'll reserve any judgement.)Anyway, as if that wasn't bad enough, Lane found herself in further hot water - this time of the legal kind, and it ultimately cost her the job at KYW-TV.In short, she assaulted a female New York police officer. Now comes word that she has some offers (this is from the Huffington Post)Earlier this month, Alycia Lane was fired from her position as an anchor at Philadelphia's CBS-3 TV station.

Lane gave the gossips grist this year when the fetching brunette e-mailed sexy shots of herself in a bikini to NFL Network anchorman Rich Eisen, who is married.

When Enchautegui ordered Booker back to the cab, Lane allegedly shoved a camera in the cop's face.

Enchautegui told investigators she grabbed Lane by one arm and the anchor slugged her with the other.

Michy Marra, 79, her ex-landlord in Floral Park, L.

I., called the cop "a very nice woman." "When you see nice people like that, it's hard not to like her," Marra said."Alycia says that she never struck anyone nor made the disparaging remarks that have been attributed to her," she added.