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You may copy a task from any of the following locations: If you have a common set of tasks that need to be completed for many, if not all, user stories or defects, you can copy a set of common tasks from one work item to another.

You can create a user story or defect as a template and then copy tasks from that template into new user stories or defects.

The Task detail page provides a view of an individual task.

Navigation The ribbon displays any associated work items related to the work item.

Some users don't want the ability to edit a page and instead want to view a work item without having the ability to edit it.

You can switch between edit and view mode by clicking the icon next to the name of the work item.

You may edit a task from any of the following locations: You may copy tasks to quickly create a set of similar work assigned under a common work item, or when you need to duplicate a task from one item to another.

When you select the copy command, an editor window displays where you may re-assign the copy to another work item and edit other details such as owner or description.

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Tasks are owned by a single scheduled item for roll-up reporting.From the Iteration Status page: When you edit a task you can modify information such as fields, resource values, and textual descriptions.CA Agile Central offers multiple locations from which you can edit a task.You can create a task in CA Agile Central from multiple locations.

This flexibility allows you to progress through work activities and create a task whenever you need it from logical positions within CA Agile Central.Options will vary depending on the type of work item you're viewing or editing.

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