Adult chat group ohio

29-Jun-2017 02:48

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You thought all your friends were down for that lifestyle, and they all promised they'd hang out and stay up late even after they got jobs, and yet, they're all mysteriously quiet in the group chat. The thing about the group chat that's beautiful is, with some variation, the cycle continues.99% of the drunk messages are now you, telling the other chat members how much you love them every weekend. Once you all have real adult responsibilities, you may not Skype every week, but you'll get together a few times a year (hopefully more! The inside jokes will be so good you'll have to make actual memes out of them.Expect a lot of photos in the group chat to be basically all of you in the same exact photos, just with different people's smart phones.Don't even bother checking your Snapchat after graduation ends.

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At least Just like you're back in college, there are inevitably those nights when you wake up every five seconds to the light of your phone. Let's hope you weren't the one friend who was busy working at your same college waitressing gig and had to miss the entire Skype sesh.

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