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Interestingly, he could have possibly lent a helping, er, breast, if he had held the suckling newborn to his nipples for a couple weeksalthough he could also have tried starving himself or taking a medication that would affect his brain's pituitary gland.

He was just really keen to help out with his first grandchild.

Thorazine, a popular antipsychotic used in the mid-20th century, impacted the pituitary gland—the pea-size endocrine gland located near the base of the brain—often causing it to overproduce prolactin.

If prolactin levels remained high, milk could follow.

He also notes that starvation—which inhibits the functioning of hormone-producing glands as well as the hormone-absorbing liver—can cause spontaneous lactation, as observed in survivors of Nazi concentration camps and Japanese POW camps in World War II.

"The glands recover much faster than the liver when normal nutrition is resumed," he writes, "so hormone levels soar unchecked." Males of many different mammalian species have the potential to lactate, although only one, the Dayak fruit bat of Southeast Asia, does so spontaneously.

Give yourself as much time as you need to get it down to a fine art. [pdf file, accessed November 2012] Robinson S, Fall C. Infant nutrition and later health: a review of current evidence.

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She can watch you feed your baby, and suggest ways to make it easier. int [Accessed November 2012] Hi I am worried about breastfeeding in case of my baby not latching on properly or how the milk will start producing as I have read about some women leaking a little as a sign.

Studies have shown that adults who were breastfed as babies, when compared with those who were formula-fed: The Department of Health recommends that your baby has only breastmilk for the first six months of her life.