80 20 dating

08-Aug-2017 11:01

I recall years back that first I really didn't have a criteria and just wanted to be with someone I could get along with.After that relationship went sour I figured I need someone of a certain age range, race, religion, education, hobby, zodiac sign, etc etc.Remember that we are the largest free online dating service, so you will never have to pay a dime to meet your soulmate. There are lots of people who regularly participate in these forum discussions that have a significant other.They are here for the forumparticipation only because they already have a fish.You can not have a good relationship with that attitude.If you feel like you are settling then that is the gut feeling that should tell you its not working, you should listen to it and walk away.

That 20% could be ignored, accepted or negotiated on. I've long known "perfect" is just another word in the Dictionary, but has no practical form in the arena of a relationship. Somehow, some way, every relationship has a "margin of error" thereby destroying this oft held illusion of "perfect". Dove claims to be "pure", and by default that means 100%. There's no mention of "kinda kills germs", but they too have a 99.99% measure. Even then, of those 80%, they will only ever get close to perfection, but their delusions will cost them their relationship when they see or observe that margin of error.."success" is subjective in that case.

Yet, they are smart enough to use the number 99.99% "pure". Both leave a margin of error though we, the people, see pure and "kills germs" as an all-or-nothing. JMOIf you ever think you have found someone who is really perfectyou are in for a big letdown at some point.