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This is what his RWA (right-wing authoritarianism) scale measured.It is obviously related to the perpetuation of hierarchy, and the use of force to impose “order.” Altemeyer’s third book, The Authoritarian Specter reports and discusses Altemeyer’s extensive findings in considerable detail.Altemeyer himself scores about average on the RWA scale.A Quick And Dirty Guide To RWANonetheless, the group portrait of RWA is distinctly disturbing, as can be seen from the list of tendencies that Altemeyer compiled and listed at the end of The Authoritarian Specter as a sort of compressed summary.It is simply presumed to be “evil.”On the flip side, are the tendencies toward their group identity cohesion.

Both also correlate significantly with political conservatism.

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The three factors Altemeyer identified were among the original nine factors, but he refined the questions defining the traits over time, developing a scale over time with stronger inter-item correlation.

His findings are based primarily on research using questionnaires administered to his students, and secondarily to parents, but they have been administered to others as well, including members of a large number of American state legislatures.These items show broad and robust evidence of hostility toward designated outgroups.

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