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Bile is produced by the liver and is channeled by the biliary ductal system into the intestinal tract for the emulsification and absorption of fats.Biliary disease is caused by abnormalities in bile composition, biliary anatomy, or function.

Hepato biliary diseases are the serious ailments and the medical treatment scenario is worsened day by day for lack of proven precise therapeutic regimens.Approximately 20% of patients develop symptoms over 15-20 years, that is, about 1% per year, and almost all become symptomatic before complications develop.About 20,000 deaths found every year due to liver disorders.More than 50% people of our country relay on Ayurveda and herbal medicine for liver diseases.

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Undoubtly Ayurveda herbs and products having defined biochemical active component can protect liver from oxidative stress, promote virus elimination, block fibrogenesis, antiinflammatory, immune-modulating, liver regenerating and inhibit tumour growth studies [4-6].The cause can be established in most cases by simple non-invasive tests, but many patients will require referral to a specialist for management.

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